The importance of public relations

Let’s start with the first and most important. How important is public relations?

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The importance of public relations – Behrman and Communication

Public Relations are the promotion of sympathy and good will between a person, company or institution and other people, special public or the community as a whole, through the distribution of interpretive material, the development of friendly exchange and the evaluation of the reaction public, “says the prestigious and documented third edition of the Webster’s New International Dictionary.

For this it is important to find a tool that allows the company the possibility of taking possession in the mind of the consumer to achieve higher sales than the competition. In this way, it is possible not only to survive in the market, but to become leaders. And it is here that public relations intervene, since, through strategic management, they manage to differentiate the organization from its competitors. Which is achieved through the following concepts:

  • Identity:
    It shows the being of the company, what characterizes it and differentiates it from the others.
  • Philosophy:
    It raises the objective of the company and the way to achieve it. Establishes a mission, vision and values ​​of it.
  • Culture:
    It has to do with the procedure or way of acting of the company, related to the values ​​that are encouraged.
  • Image:
    Representation that the company wishes to cement.
  • Reputation:
    Mental representation that the public is made about the company based on the experiences they have had with it.


All activity carried out in the sense of public relations has as its main purpose the management of the institutional image, which is achieved through the performance of tasks such as:

  • Management of internal communication: Adequate management of information between workers and management, establishing a feedback that allows knowing the human resource and that these in turn know the business policies, since what is unknown is impossible to communicate.
  • Management of external communication: Every company or organization must make itself known.
  • Humanistic functions: They are developed with the idea of ​​gaining the confidence of the possible consumer, for this it is vital that the information transmitted be truthful.
  • Comprehension of public opinion: it is necessary to understand public opinion in order to manipulate it and then be able to act on it.
  • Joint work with other disciplines: Must be based on a solid and humanist with concordance in psychology, sociology and human relations, which allow understanding people better and their behavior, since, work with them.

 We must emphasize that Public Relations do not sell, nor do they generate (directly) economic benefits. Its purpose is to create and sustain – through different mechanisms – the “climate” of sympathy, respect, trust and credibility of the company with its public (clients, community, local authorities, and unions). It is a “bridge” of approach between the entity and its environment to promote an image that facilitates, among other intentions, subsequent sales processes.

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